Ready to adopt?

Here's some things you should know!


We reserve the right to hold back any kittens for evaluation for use in breeding programs.

Our kittens do not leave home until they are at least 12 weeks old. By waiting until the kitten is 12 weeks old before leaving mom it helps to reduce behavioural problems. Kittens receive important training from their mother during the first 12 weeks of life that helps them to be better behaved and acclimated kittens.

We will begin accepting applications once the kittens are walking, around three weeks old. Once we have approved your application you can send the deposit for your preferred kitten. The non-refundable deposit of $400 will reserve your kitten for you. We accept deposits via Paypal. When you pay your deposit keep an eye on any Paypal fees because you are responsible for paying those on top of the deposit amount. If you don't want to pay the extra fee to Paypal you can select friends and family as well as make sure that your bank account is attached to your Paypal account and set as your preferred payment method. Otherwise Paypal will charge you a fee of around $12 and deduct that from your deposit.

Please understand that we may be talking to more than one person regarding the same kitten and that kittens will be placed in the order that the deposits are received.

The remaining balance owed must be paid on the day you are picking up your kitten, either in cash or via Paypal, if you are coming to pick them up yourself. However if your kitten is being delivered by courier, then the full balance must be paid two weeks before the date of delivery. If the cost of the plane ticket exceeds the amount of the deposit then a larger deposit may be asked for.

All kittens will have a three year health guarantee as laid out in the sales contract.

All kittens will have their fvrcp, FeLV, and rabies vaccinations and be dewormed before they go home. All kittens will be spayed or neutered and microchipped before they go home.

Our kittens are never to be declawed. It is a cruel and inhumane procedure that is equivalent to having the tip of your fingers cut off at the first knuckle.

RagaMuffin cats are not well suited to being outside cats and you agree not to let your kitten outside except on a leash and harness. RagaMuffins are beautiful cats and with how friendly they are, they are very likely to have someone walk off with them and you never see them again. Due to their temperament, they also don't tend to have the same street smarts as most other breeds.

If you would like to apply for adoption, please fill out the form linked below and email to