Welcome to New Hope RagaMuffins

New Hope RagaMuffins is a new RagaMuffin Cattery located in Tucson, Arizona. All our cats are ACFA registered and CFA registered.


Update August 11th 2021: Only Smokey is left available for adoption.

Mocha is now Cody and he has been adopted is available for adoption. He is usually found by his brother Latte's side either cuddled up taking a nap or playing around the house. He loves to play and be held in your hand on his back getting cheek rubs.



Rain has been adopted. He will be going on to become a support kitty in Alaska.





Latte has been adopted. This cute fluffball is a real sweetie who loves to play, sit in laps, be carried and cuddled. He usually leads his brother Cody around the house as they play and explore.


Smokey is availabe for adoption. He is a sweet little boy who loves to greet his humans and he never fails to greet me at the door when I come home.


Kendal has been adopted. Kendal is a big sweetheart. He just loves to be picked up and carried around the house like a baby as you pet him and give him belly rubs.