Past Litters

These sweet little boys were all born May 8th, 2019. They have all been claimed.


Snowball has been CLAIMED. He is the more cuddly of the three and just loves being held at all times. Often times when I wake up in the morning I open my eyes to see him inches from my face just waiting for me to wake up so that I can start petting him and when he sees my eyes open he starts licking my nose. Sometimes he doesn't wait for the alarm to go off and will start licking my nose shortly beforehand because he thinks I have slept long enough. And if I leave the room and he doesn't notice he will start crying for me. Also while at the office he is restricted to my office with a baby gate and if I leave him alone in there for any time he starts meowing for me because he doesn't want to be alone He really loves his wet food. 

Mittens who is now Gizmo has been CLAIMED and is living with a wonderful family in Minnesota.

Flash has been CLAIMED  and is quite the love bug and will rarely say no to being held and cuddled. He is more timid than his brother Snowball but he is the more playful of the pair and when the toys come out he is the first one there to take part in play time. Sometimes when I wake up he will be laying right next to his brother just staring at me, also waiting for me to get up or he will be cuddled up behind me on the bed. Flash can usually be found following me around the house when I am working on chores in the hopes that he will get my attention and I will either pick him up or give him some petting.




This sweet little girl has been CLAIMED! She is the runt of the litter and while she doesn't come to you demanding attention like her siblings she won't say no if you pick her up for some cuddles.

This gorgeous little girl has been CLAIMED by a new breeder. She loves to be held or cuddled in your lap.

This handsome boy has been CLAIMED! He is the most affectionate kitten I have ever met. He wants nothing more than to get all the cuddles all the time.

This pretty kitty has been CLAIMED! She is quite the escape artist and doesn't like being told she has to stay put somewhere. She is the most playful of her siblings but also loves to get her cuddles and laptime.





These adorable kittens were all born November 1st, 2019. Currently all four have been claimed.